Anyone can sell products at a good price,
it's the people that make the difference.

Retreat Bathrooms opened over a decade ago, at the start of the industry's turning-point that saw the end of the cold forgotten rooms with pedestal basins and synthetic floors and the beginning of rooms that the household would actually want to spend time in, enhance the home and add significant value return on property as one of the most important home improvements.

Now the bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the home. A room that completes a property with style and function.

Retreat Bathrooms has intentionally grown in reputation and solidity. While we are similar in size to most companies of our type, we are not into empire-building and prefer to stay small enough to remain closely involved throughout. 

While we work on full bathroom refurbishments, we are designers and local retailers/suppliers to the trade and public. We are also happy to help you if you have a shower needing replacing, contact details of a local tiler, installer, or some designs and plans for your new house build. 



Joined Retreat Bathrooms in April 2014 and after intensive training, is an active member of the team in key areas. Lucy is here because of her passion for bathrooms. In addition to being a busy mother of two, Lucy and her husband have been almost re-building a unique local building for their new home and is now about to commence her open studies.



I founded Retreat Bathrooms over a decade ago with the idea of bringing business-to-business methods to the domestic sector. Graduating from Berkshire in design around the early 80's before studying marketing and communications, I worked for some of Europe's leading branding and design consultancies in London. The latter consultancy moved me into interiors for commercial, galleries, museums and unusual locations and it is this, with half of my friends in the media and design world and the other half in construction and kitchens, I made a natural move to apply my client servicing, project management and design skills to form a small local bathroom company after training with the UKs 'number 1'.

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Helping you further

We are happy to provide the details of our network of bathroom installers, kitchen designers, builders, electricians, and other specialists that can be pulled together on one project, or simply called upon on an ad-hoc basis, should our clients wish to access those skills.

Retreat Bathrooms chooses not to employ or sub-contract installers for a number of reasons that benefit the customer. The great bathrooms you see are the product of our design know how, product knowledge, organisational help and the exceptional work and skill of the specialist installers we've grown to know over the years.

As local bathroom retailers of the leading brands, we offer the widest known range of products with many at promotional, sale and trade prices.