About Bathstore


We have our own niche in the market-place with our own unique service designed for today's busy clients who don't have time for the DIY route.

Cleverly structured the way we are, for the last 10 years, Retreat Bathrooms has grown to become the most established and versatile bathroom company in the local area and we do not feel any need to disparage other retailers or outlets and in all honesty, the customers who go into Bathstore, Homebase, Wickes and other own-brand outlets, don't usually talk to us as well.

Bathstore and the like are fine and serve a sector of the market very well. They also manage to acquire large floor areas that allow arguably the biggest range of products to view in one space. They now offer design layouts and now an installation service.

We can sum-up our view, based on experience, feedback and industry knowledge to say that Bathstore is fine. It fits well within the market, but no single brand can offer the balance of quality and price in every product area and that includes Bathstore. While they may appear cheap during their all year round sales, you can find that the leading brands will offer the same quality or better for the same price.


  • All products are own label
  • Sales run all year round
  • Products can often be the same or more than leading brand equivalents, even in the sale
  • Installers are high-turnover contractors with which Bathstore adds on a high mark-up
  • Over the two years we have met customers who have had full bathroom quotations from Bathstore and another from Wickes, both said they quoted a higher price than Retreat Bathrooms.