At Retreat Bathrooms, we help our customers get the bathroom they really want, the style they want and the quality they deserve for far less. Why risk the internet dealers or the DIY quality? when you can have it all and more from your local retailer for Richmond Borough, North Surrey & East Berkshire.

You can call us on 020 8941 8341 or email us here and we'll instantly help you over the phone with information about how the bathroom refurbishment process works and if you'd like a free survey, we can help you make it all relatively easy and straightforward from there.


Real photograph, not from a brochure.
The above photo is of one of our bathrooms designed and created locally in Twickenham.

Looking for help with more than just products?
There's more to it nowadays than just looking around shops and picking out items you see.

The great news is that you now have so many wonderful styles and features to choose from with today's bathrooms.

The hard part is trying to do everything yourself!
Bathrooms are not 'rocket science', certainly for us at Retreat Bathrooms, but they are incredibly complex if you're trying to plan, design or organise everything yourself.


If you're stuck staring at a pile of brochures?!

Wondering why many products look the same, yet vary so much in price?!

Looking for someone to just make it all simple and easy for you without paying extra?

Why take-on the hassle and risk of organising and designing everything yourself? when we can get you from A to B quicker, easier and often cheaper than the DIY route.

You can contact us today to find out how.

See our projects, discuss your ideas, share your Pintrest boards and your magazine clippings!

or call 020 8941 8341

for Richmond Borough, North Surrey & East Berkshire


We don't only work on full bathrooms and refurbishments. We help local home-owners with design only, or supply of individual items from the widest range of brands available.

If you already have your products and would just like the number of a local bathroom installer. We are here and always happy to help.