The Collection

The widest range of bathroom products in once source.

Continuing our unique level of service, choice and information, Retreat Bathrooms is developing The Character Collection. A thorough and broad breadth of style and options from the industry's best brands, while stripping-away the unnecessary clutter and confusion.

This is not intended to be a shopping site. We are not an internet dealer and never intend to be. Instead, Retreat Bathrooms provides internet level discounts with a professional local company service.

The site is being fine-tuned and prices are now available on most pages. Products are grouped by category rather than brand to allow you to focus on the style first. We can later help you with full information.

Also look-out for galleries on product pages that show some products installed and on display.

Remember that you just need to find the style you like first, then simply leave the rest to us.

Nothing can substitute the personalised and ongoing consultation you have with us throughout your project, but the Collection is a new work-in-progress we have been developing over the recent weeks.

It enables our clients to make use of it in different ways without having to flick through piles of catalogues that all seem to offer similar things, yet at different prices. We've distilled the key designs across brands from our distributor's own sourced, through mainstream brands, the obscure little manufacturers and the global heavyweights such as Roca, Grohe and Crosswater.


If you see a product that is not in a sale, there may often be extra discounts that we can acquire for you so while the manufacturers published prices are good as a guide, through us you are often likely to pay far less.

Please note however that while in the final development stage, not all of the prices are in. When you see £1, sorry, we'd love to but can't sell that item for a pound of course! Please contact us for any unpublished prices. Thank you.