Although the installers are a separate company, at Retreat Bathrooms we like to maintain an interest in your bathroom coming together, beyond the products being delivered and while we help your installers, we want to help you too.

It's all in mid-progress of course. You may not know what to expect or you may have had a certain vision of how things may have been going so far. 

Installation is a surprisingly complex process requiring many different areas of expertise, that while worked on constantly, may require different people, or one fitter, different levels of pace depending on the task. While a direct dialogue with your fitters is very productive indeed, please feel free to discuss installation details with myself of Lucy. Also, with decades of experience, the bathroom installers have a good opinion on the smaller design details as well, the ones which have to be decided during installation.

However, we thought we'd also create a new 'preliminary feedback' format that would only take a minute, but it may be a comfortable format from which to pass any comments you may wish to make and perhaps discreetly.

We are happy to act as your 'representative' and drop-in comments to your installers if you would like them to not store tools in a certain place, perhaps you may wonder why something is done a certain way, how long before they are finished or to ask them not to eat so many of your biscuits!

Here's a good place to let us know:

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Obviously installation is a messy process, it's impossible to work without dust or noise, but they try to keep it to a minimum and respect your home as best as anyone could.
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