It is accurate to say that issues are incredibly rare and if anything does crop-up, it's usually no more than a loosening toilet seat or someone forgetting which way to turn their radiator valves on.

  • Your bathroom is likely to have included multiple components from multiple manufacturers and they all offer different types of guarantee and different procedures for calling-upon those guarantees in the unlikely event of something becoming faulty.

  • Products are usually covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that covers any product defects for 1 year. Some manufacturers offer 5 or 10 years and in some cases a lifetime guarantee. Most shower manufacturers don’t guarantee the thermostatic valves which are a serviceable item (a bit like a tyre on a new car). However, when they do, they normally cover the 1st year against defects.

  • Most manufacturers don't provide any guarantee paperwork and this is common across many product market sectors these days. However, some do and that paperwork will have been left in the bathroom with your delivery, and/or most likely by your installer. Please check this in case there are any conditions, notifications, care instructions or forms to send-off.


In the unlikely event of you spotting a problem


  • Your direct guarantee is normally activated by contacting the relevant manufacturer. If you are unsure who the manufacturer is then please contact us and we’ll do all we can to help with information.

  • You can either contact the manufacturer or let us know, by sending us an email with a photograph and explanation of the problem and we can direct you from there.

  • You can return the product to us and we can then send the faulty item to the manufacturer for inspection. They will then usually either repair or replace the product with the same product or an equivalent.


It's important to remember that the product manufacturer is/was not paid to install your product and vide versa. Manufacturers and installers are completely unrelated. It's a very similar situation with many industries and for example, if you had a kitchen installed and the hob or fridge freezer developed a fault, the manufacturer, Neff or otherwise would deal with that product. Sometimes they may send an engineer, but in most cases the product needs to be returned to the retailer so that it can be sent back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer would then inspect the fault and whether repair it or provide a replacement. 

We  sell products at heavily discounted prices and do not (unless specified) charge any fees for what we do, while providing so much more service than our peers.

Therefore we can't become obligated to alter the standard industry protocols or manufacturers' guarantee policies.

However, we continue wanting to go the 'extra mile' for our customers in assisted in getting a part.


This information is provided in supplementary form as added assistance and does not replace the guarantee information provided by manufacturers. It does not effect your statutory rights. Please consult the guarantee underwriter for full details.