Although it may feel like you have one big company, that's a good thing of course as people say they feel they have all of those benefits, but please remember that Retreat Bathrooms are not the installers and Allied Installers companies are separate so while you gain all the benefits of direct pricing and specialists, this means of course that you are at liberty to ask them to carry-out any extra work.

They are bathroom specialists, some with 20-30+ years of experience and the quality of your bathroom finish will be reflected in this. However, bathroom installation involves many trained skills including plumbing of course, electrics, carpentry, plastering and tiling.

The types of requests they have helped with include:

  • Replacing a kitchen tap and other ad-hoc plumbing requirements

  • Decorating

  • General property maintenance

  • Tiling

  • Lighting

  • Stud-wall work

  • Doorways, cupboards and cabinetry

They are not specialist kitchen fitters, but they have fitted a few simple kitchens for happy customers.

CTD, MPK and Maker Interiors have a bigger building heritage so can also help with things such as external windows, brickwork and water-tank replacements etc.

MPK are Gas Safe registered and can help with boilers and central heating/plumbing too.

If they have time, they will happily discuss if they can help you either when on site during the bathroom installation or at another time.


We maintain a simple code of practice...

  • Retreat Bathrooms does not sub-contract such items unless specifically requested to do so. Therefore while you can discuss any additional requirements with us, it is best to talk directly with the installers. 

  • They will quote directly or if you prefer, they can communicate via us as we are always here to help.

  • If the extra requests are specific to the current bathroom then it's worth keeping us at Retreat Bathrooms in the 'loop', but this is not essential.



We care very much and work hard to look after the interests of you, our customer as we have every interest in having a great project go well. While we can't be responsible for third-party products and services, we do our best to help you, but please remember that we are retailers and anything else we do to help you is free complementary help.