The clients who come to us are looking for a company to help them design, organise and create their bathroom in the normal way, rather than via a DIY approach, so it's rarely a subject discussed.

Purchasing channels are now diverse and we all spend millions on the internet buying books, gadgets etc.

However, the bathroom and kitchen industry is very different. We could buy or sell on the internet, but don't and there's a reason.

  • Most bathroom products on the internet are own-label or what is called in the business 'back-of-the-container' (seconds)

  • Most quality brands do not allow discounting online or even selling online so when you see something you recognise, it is likely to be grey-market, seconds, contract grade or non-UK spec

  • Brands that do appear are often from overseas and may have invalid warranties for the UK market

  • Taps and showers are being sold with non-UK connectors that installers here may not be able to fit or with restrictors inside for the continental water systems that require around 6 bar of pressure

  • What may appear to be the same product can often be the contract grade version (thinner steel, acrylic etc) or sold without all the required parts

  • Considering an internet trader does very little. They are keen to take the sale but reluctant to allow returns or deal with any problems

  • Every bathroom has challenges, changes or manufacturer errors which Retreat Bathrooms takes care of. This emphasises the value of working with genuine local businesses.



While we discount heavily and often to the same level, our clients appreciate the 30-50 hours of work that we do for them and their bathroom that would cost many hundreds if we charged a fee.

This is why we never get questioned on price and the only projects that don't go ahead are the very few that simply go on hold for a few months.

This isn't arrogance. It's the result of us nurturing our small company to offer the unbeatable balance of unrivaled service, choice, know-how and all at a direct price-level and this is how we've grown without the need for any advertising.