Retreat Bathrooms operates in the same way as other bathroom retailers, but with added-value benefits.

  • Free from trade restrictions - optimum choice

  • Free from manufacturers' incentives - unbiased advice

  • Design driven - we have hardly any boundary when it comes to sourcing the right products to complete your design in order to make it unique and at the right price for you

  • Free design assistance and installer liaison - when the products are purchased through Retreat Bathrooms



While we pride our company on being unusually flexible, helpful and 'complete' in our service, there are only three occasions where we may need to request that we do no sell you certain products or tiles.

1. Unacceptable quality

Not only do we have a long-standing reputation to protect, but we also have to provide sales of good act on everything we sell. Therefore, to sell a product knowingly of unacceptable quality puts both you and us at unnecessary risk.

2. Unknown source

Although we search for products, seemingly, to the 'ends of the earth' for our customers, for the same reasons above, if we do not know of the quality or other required criteria, we cannot supply such products. There may be an item you find on the internet perhaps and many of these sources are like 'pop-up' traders, here today, gone tomorrow. We have experimented but always found such sources highly problematic from all angles.

3. Zero margin

We are a small company and not intent on making profit from every area. We look at projects in total, rather than in a component sense when valuing our time and the trade margins we share with our customers.

As we (on normal projects) work 30-50 hours per bathroom for free, we have to pay our overheads on the trade margin left after discounts we provide for you.

While we may lose on occasional items, we cannot financially purchase a significant order, perhaps a tile order, with zero margin / at cost, due to the work and risk involved. Therefore, while we may include the products in your specification sheet, we may request that you kindly place that order direct with the shop/internet trader you've found.

We will support you in all other areas possible with this transaction.

How we help you with tiles.