Most bathroom retailers see tiles as a peripheral low-profit 'add-on'. We see them as integral to a bathroom's style and personality.

We can work in almost any way that helps you to choose your new tiles.


  • Sharing our experience of the good and poor quality tile shops

  • Building galleries of thousands of tiles to save you the early leg-work

  • Delivering or organising (often free) samples

  • Meeting you at the tile shop where required

  • Working-out tile quantities

  • Negotiating you additional savings you wouldn't be able to acquire directly

  • Illustrating tile options within the design

  • Liaising with the tile supplier, you, your tilers/installers to arrange deliveries

  • Communication regarding stock, transport and other arrangements

  • Relaying the tile details and design to your tilers/installers

  • Talking to delivery drivers on delivery day

  • Checking access for trucks and making sure people are on site to help receive the delivery and help unload as well as disposing of packaging

  • Dealing with damaged or incorrect orders

  • Ordering spare/extra tiles if required


We do this for you completely FREE of charge

What we can negotiate as a trade margin pays towards some of our time, so it doesn't cost you a penny and when sufficient margin allows, we will share this with you, simply retaining 5% towards our costs.

You are under no obligation at all to purchase your tiles through us and we are more than happy with any such arrangement, but we also need to make you aware of the work involved, just in processing and receiving tile orders!


We order the amount of tiles you request and/or agree to on your product order. If we try to work-out how many sqm you require, we do this with our best intentions and care for your bathroom, budget, convenience and all based on our decades of experience. However, with most tiles non-returnable these days, or if they are, certainly unopened boxes only, it's a tricky equation to predict.

Not enough tiles can cost you a little extra, with a delivery charge etc, and maybe additional fitters/tiler's fees for delays, but then too many can also cost so we try our best, but can never guarantee of course because we won't know how well the corners and sections work-out in terms of cuts etc.

Retreat Bathrooms cannot be held responsible for the final tile calculations.