Retreat Bathrooms operates in the same way as other bathroom retailers.



  • All design projects are adapted to suit the individual project requirement.

  • Please see your quotation for fee rates.

  • Payable 50% on commission, balance on receipt.


Products & tiles 

  • All terms have been communicated on previous specification sheets and quotations in advance.

  • Products are paid for at time of order.

  • As with normal retail, we then pay the manufacturers and they then despatch to us/you.

  • Note that most of the industry operate on a pro-forma basis to secure discount levels that we can pass onto you.

  • An order acknowledgement is issued to you detailing the product on your quotation, together with bank details.

All quotations are priced on the basis of bank transfer which is the chosen payment format of our customers. Cheques require 5 days clearance before we can process and despatch orders. Credit card payments are rarely requested, but they can be arranged and are subject to a 3.75% credit card fee.


  • If you have chosen to commission the installation services of one of the companies within the Allied Installers Group, you will have already seen details of the standard payment terms they operate with.

25% on the first day

50% in the middle

25% on the last main day

If there are any products or parts of the listed installation that cannot be completed due to reasons not controlled by the installers (such as a product not being in stock), the final payment is due, minus a retention equal to the component price of that installation item.
Payments to retreat Bathrooms and Allied Installers companies are unrelated.
  • These are designed to not only be in common within the industry, but also set in a way that allows payments to be made as the installation progresses and over instalments.

  • Any figures you have seen copied onto your specification sheet are the installation company's quoted figures and they will start and commence on that basis. 

  • While they cannot guarantee it can be fixed, due to unforseen things under the surface of your walls and floors for example, any need to request payment for extra work is rare and will be discussed as soon as they identify such a need.