You want a great bathroom with minimal fuss and may not be interested in complex details and the road to achieving something bespoke or a little less 'off-the-shelf'.

Unless you pay an interior design company or architect, the normal bathroom retail world is usually very limited in their scope and offer beyond what the manufacturers offer. A few select brands in a showroom and an associate installer is often as far as it goes, even with the most highly respected of retailers.

Retreat Bathrooms originate from a design background rather than a retail one, with staff from commercial interiors sectors, so we are that bit different and are often very keen to explore new processes, suppliers, craftsmen and services. 

However, while we go to the shows and study developments as well as meet interesting local specialists, we offer our help in unique areas, but we do not sub-contract unless we charge a relevant fee that is detailed specifically.


In normal cases...

  • When we find people and present you with the information, you have to decide if it is appropriate for you and your bathroom. 

  • We care very much and we work hard to help take care of your interest, but specialists are not within our portfolio and Retreat Bathrooms (Strattura Ltd) cannot be held responsible for any aspect of such specialists.

  • If there is anything you are not sure about then while we will try to assist but we are unlikely to have complete knowledge or experience of a new area and we request that you talk directly with the manufacturer or specialist who can give you first-hand answers.

  • In some cases the specialist may request certain information or the approval of drawings. All drawings need to be approved by you the customer and we will only pass-on your approval or communication. 

  • When a local tradesman or service is found for you, we may have knowledge or experience of them or we may not and contact details, even if we make the initial contact, is simply done for you to be helpful and any such service is not necessarily recommended by us.



We care very much and work hard to look after the interests of you, our customer as we have every interest in having a great project go well. While we can't be liable for third-party products and services, we do our best to help you, but please remember that we are retailers and anything else we do to help you is free complementary help.