Great range, stock and service. Easy to park for free right outside and even open between 10-3pm most Sundays, best to check first (also avoid Rugby days for the Twickenham branch, the showroom can advise).

Unit 2c, Twickenham Trading Estate
Rugby Road

020 8744 0088


Unit 6, Riverside Business Centre
Walnut Tree Close

01483 455424



If if it's not your area, you may find a simple 30 minute cruise to Ceramic Tile Warehouse may be very worthwhile. They have great stock and a professional operation. While there you can see their separate stone shop, flooring shop and bathroom displays. We cross-trade together and have been involved in quite a few projects with CTW and Park Street Interiors. 

Easy parking and open on weekends.

Tip: If you want tiles quicker, look-out for the ones with the S codes.

Sampson Business Park
Bridge Road
GU15 2QR

01276 678 845



Fired Earth have historically led the way for premium quality tiles, stone and mosaics. They still are market leaders and we continue to hold our account with them, but with prices rising to very high levels we've been increasingly drawn to Mandarin Stone who have been taking market share. With great showrooms, greater focus on tiles and 'normal' prices for stone that they say comes from the same quarries as Fired Earth's, they have proven to fit the bill perfectly for both quality, service and price. 

84-86 Church Street
KT13 8DL

01932 849642


47 West Street

01628 485015



Tiles of Wisdom in Teddington

A nice little shop and near to one of our associate bathroom showrooms on Stanley Road, but beware patchy stock availability and they can sometimes cause problems making availability promises they sometimes can't keep.

Tile Lines in Mortlake

A small but richly packed shop with a massive range. Almost like an Aladdin's cave of tiles, but it's difficult to park and they don't keep their displays up to date so you can often find a tile board you like and often it's been discontinued!

Topps, Homebase, Wickes etc.

Unless it's for a few basic white tiles they have in-store, we would suggest you avoid these outlets as they are deceptively expensive in most categories, regardless of their seemingly DIY discount presentation style. Their stock and worse still their customer service is often so poor, it has caused our customers much stress when they've persisted with them. 


Tiles are a little different to bathroom products in that there are very few companies in that sector whereby most tiles are sourced individually or shipped into tile shops via a couple of main importers. There are some popular tiles around but most tiles are unique to the shop itself.

That said, there is a lot or repetition and most tile shops have a similar breadth of range and price level. It's rare for one tile shop to have something another doesn't have and they tend to differ more on:

Quality of service and stock availability

Tips for tile shopping

1. Dont go straight to the shop without an idea of what your general style choice is or you are likely to be overwhelmed with choice and not know where to start. Use one of our inspiration galleries first:

Contemporary or Character

If you know, for example that you want: large tiles, matt, brown shade, minimal texture, available in 1 week's time, then it will be very easy as the shop can help you to narrow down to 1-5 tiles with that sort of criteria.

They should then be able to give you samples to take home and look at overnight. Some offer them for free.

2. Beware of sales assistants who tell you they can get a tile in from Italy or wherever in 2, 4 or 6 weeks as it will be safer to add a couple of weeks onto this estimation. It's best to stick with stock that's actually in the UK now.

3. Most tile shops display their tile prices excluding VAT and per square meter. 

4. Mosaics are usually priced per 30cm x 30cm sheet. Either the shop or we can help you work-out how many sheets you might require.

5. We work-out square meterage requirements  as best as we can where we don't want to slow your project by under-ordering, but we also dont want you to have 3 or 4 boxes spare at the end. It's good to have a few spares of course. However, tiles shops cannot normally take unwanted tiles back on return because they would have by then moved onto a different batch. The old industry allowance for wastage and cuts used to be 10%. Less for mosaic. However, we normally calculate a greater overlap allowance with todays modern larger tiles. 

6. Remember to ask us what type of tile to look at as different tile types effect the installation budget due to the different tools, materials and processes:



Natural stone

Mosaic/feature tile or glass

We can help with the technicalities. It's best to simply start with what you like to look of first.