Like them or not, no customers, no work!

But it's more than that. They lean on us with great hope...


  • We forget how much money they spend. It's a lot, whichever way we look at it.
  • They are scared half the time, worried they will have a bad job done and don't know until it's done.
  • While there are 1% arseholes and a couple of crazies here and there, the majority are nice people who deserve a good quality job.

When you stand still, you go backwards.

The market is good... at the moment, but we have to keep evolving to stay ahead.

We have all experienced the hard times. It's easy to forget, but what goes up, comes back down and I want Retreat Bathrooms to forge a good reputation that will make us strong enough to deal with future competition and a down-turn in the UK economy next time it happens.

Now is the time to use the work to do the best we can.

Getting business is easy if we want rubbish, but it's not if we want good money projects.

True I want to get the best quality projects in the future, but these can only come to those who look as well as be the best and it needs certain things to make a customer feel relaxed about paying big money. They wont hand over cash without assurances and seeing the quality of work is one of them.

At the moment we don't have the biggest projects but we have some good customers and projects. Projects our competitors want.

I want us to build on and take the next step. I want people to pay more for us, wait for us and only want us.

But, competition is growing. The market is changing. Bathrooms are the 'new kitchen' and there's good money to be earnt for those who can offer the best.

At the same time the market for installers is flooding with low priced chancers. We know they are bad, but customers don't until they try them. If we don't look as good as we really are then they don't know any better and we will just look like the rest.

Reputation matters

Recommends are valuable.

Recommends are far more easy to deal with than fresh customers. 

Customers risk a lot recommending us to friends. They want their friends to think they commission quality professional people.

The bigger our reputation grows, the more we earn.

But one bad review can cost us ££££s in lost business and is hard to get rid of.

  • All to regs

  • Health & safety followed

  • Guaranteed

  • Products installation instructions followed to validate product warranties

  • Care for customer's home & property (plastic floor covering, not knocking holes through walls, keeping doors closed to contain dust)


  • Care of products & paperwork (handing it to them as new, not scratched and covered in dust)

  • Courtesy

  • Communication

  • Reliability & time conscious

  • Not upsetting neighbours

  • Protecting the Retreat Bathrooms name

Customers want a new bathroom, looking, working and feeling like new.

They see brochures and that's what they have in their minds and why not?

It's a challenge only the best can manage, but that's what you as a customer would want if you were paying many thousands £££...


You're all excellent fitters. 

These are NOT brochure pictures, they are Retreat Bathrooms' projects some of you have created.

Those who's work this is, you know when it's been good.

Of course I could show the photos of the off days! We all have them, but the problem is that customers imagine thier bathroom looking smart. When other builders see the work, we need them to say it's good and not slag us off as a group.

The point is we need consistent standards.


Just as you work many hours to create beautiful bathrooms, I work many hours to bring in quality projects but I couldn't do it without the photos of quality installation.

This is what customers see and rightly so, this is what they expect. They notice the little details.

If fitters vary in quality, then I have to pick who is right for certain customers and projects, but sometimes I may only have good projects so the best you all are and the more versatile you all are the more business there is for you.



We can't make everything straight but the tighter we work underneath, the better it will be on the top.

Keep everything tight.

Cut tiles tight into corners.

I see fitters mark tiles with a marker pen (this means cuts will be to the nearest 2-4mm). Others use a sharp pencil or a blade and everything looks 10 times better.

Go quick on the large areas to allow you time to take it very slow around cuts and edges that matter.

Silicone should be 4-6mm thick ideally, straight and neat.

When painting unless you're a genius, use masking tape for edges please!



It's hard, but I've seen a lot of fitters. Those who work in chaos and those who work in a more organised way. The end result shows every time.

Some bathrooms just look so different to others, why?, it's hard to tell, but those who work cleaner seem to get more credibility and recommends. They also seem to have less agro, less accidents, less scratched products and less instructions and parts going missing.



I've seen it all and that includes too many carpet disasters. On every job, adhesive plastic carpet protector on any area your feet goes is a must. Old curtains and dirty dust sheets are useless and make us look low-end.



If you spent 7, 10, 15 grand on a new motorbike or car, you wouldn't expect it with scratches, chips and covered in dust or the guarantee paperwork with coffee rings on it.

We're not cleaners. Nobody expects you to get the Mr Sheen out, but a few minutes makes all the difference. Even covering the chrome bits with the bags or cloth hoods while grouting etc, take those off at the end and there's no blobs of paint, silicone, scratches etc. 

Not stepping in acrylic baths on on unprotected trays with boots on.

Not leaving their windows and doors covers in plaster splats. A simple cheap plastic sheet from Wickes. 




Looks like new

House not wrecked

Reasonably hassle free

Paid quickly

Thanked & recommended

Job done.