Regarding installer & manufacturer extra communications.

Fitters and manufacturers (not part of or employees of Retreat Bathrooms (Strattura Ltd)) often prefer minimal communication while Retreat Bathrooms believes that additional information above normal levels can be helpful to you. It is important that any information we pass-on is confirmed by the relevant parties/providers of services or products, but while Retreat Bathrooms cannot be held liable for the accuracy of any information opinions passed-on, it is communicated in good faith and with every intention to make the realisation of your bathroom an easier process.

Retreat Bathrooms are product retailers. Unless under separate contract, we do not charge for design or project organisation, or third-party liaison. Our assistance does not replace the need for you to communicate with your installer or manufacturer whether introduced to you via Retreat Bathrooms or otherwise, but we often choose to take an interest in the totality of projects and choose to be as helpful as possible to aid the smoothness of your refurbishment project.

We hope that you will see the benefit of our additional help in this area.