Rowan Myron & Partner
The New En-Suite Bathroom


Style sheets

We have produced these style sheets for you.

Without focusing too much on the exact product detail at this stage, they should help you to see how the selection of components can harmonise well, even if mixed and matched. They they change the style and mood of the bathroom as well as the feature content.

If there's any individual components or overall style concepts that you are drawn to, please do let us know and it will provide us with the next step understanding of your likes and dislikes.

Specification sheet




Schedule timeline

The installers asked us to include this because you mentioned (subject to quote) possibly wishing to reserve the next available slot made available because of a property developer customer having to move their slot back a couple of months.


Layouts & illustrations

The above layout images are initially for our own internal use at this stage to see how and what can fit. They are not intended to be inspiring or detailed, but they are still useful for you to see. We have explored other layouts and there are options which we can show you.

At the next stage we develop plans in 3D and 4D at a higher rendering detail.


Regarding plans/layouts/drawings

© Strattura Ltd. Terms of use apply. Although great consideration and thought has gone into the creation of any plans/information, all plans and information provided are to be checked by the customer and must not be used as the only part of any brief to installers, manufacturers or suppliers. The CAD system provides great help with visualisation and planning working to accurate scale, however, certain limitations apply including the detail of product characteristics etc. Product details subject to change by the manufacturer/s and final products and tiles purchased must be approved by you the customer. Strattura Ltd cannot accept any liability for final product choices and/or the suitability or compatibility of products sold or layouts/plans/illustrations shown or communicated. Unless a design fee is paid in full, all layouts/plans/illustrations remain the property of Strattura Ltd.

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