Histon, Twickenham

This tired bathroom needed replacing as the shower was too small, it was hard to keep clean and the boiler had just been moved downstairs.

Warmth, space, varied tones and details, a metro look and a large walk-in shower were part of the brief.

We showed them how it could be achieved for a keen budget by using smaller British manufacturers and quality clever buys.

Tiles from EuroTiles in Twickenham and Guildford.



David and Nicola had other quotes. One they said was suspiciously low and the other for much more which was unnecessary for what they wanted to achieve. We helped them to get it all for £8.9k including VAT with the help of the allied installers.

They were pleased enough to recommend us to their neighbour afterwards.


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If you'd like to see more of our work and more importantly, to discuss what you're looking for in your new bathroom, why not give David and Lucy a call on 020 8941 6870 or at new@retreatbathrooms.co.uk.