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Our old strapline 'The same, but different' still holds and is evermore relevant today because while we are retailers in the technical sense, we differ not only in structure, flexibility, product range and design diversity, we also differ because of the immense amount of free added-value work we provide towards our customer's bathrooms and their implementation.

We don't expect our customers to need to know the daunting list of tasks and potential supply, design and logistical challenges there are behind the scenes. It may not be 'rocket science', but it's not easy by any means and anyone who's embarked on handling and arranging everything themselves in the past will either know haw hard and time consuming it is and possibly how easy it is to become a disaster without the right experience of the process.

For over a decade, we have provided this service, often totaling 30-70 hours and hundreds of emails as well as design illustrations etc, completely free of charge. Next year from April 2016, we will be charging a fee for design and other services as we need to bring ourselves in-line with others in the industry who charge, yet still only provide a 5th of what we do.

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy and appreciate the benefits fo choosing Retreat Bathrooms for not only the purchase of your bathroom products and tiles, but the access to specialist quality installers and the extra design and organisational help we continue to provide.

Thank you.



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