Quotes - Normal turn-around


How long do quotes/‘specifications’ take?

  • We can often produce a quick product quote the same or next day.

  • For full bathroom specifications which include the installer’s itemised quotation, we spend between 4 to 7 hours planning and thinking these through very carefully. Most of our office hours are taken-up looking after the projects and the hundreds of critical related tasks (as we’ll be doing for you if you choose to buy your bathroom from us), therefore the normal turnaround is 2+ weeks. We tend to hear that this is in-line with others. 

  • You benefit by having a considered rather than vague price indication that in normal cases is so accurate that you won’t have a large ‘builders style extras bill’ at the end. The installers like to avoid these potentially awkward discussions which is why they’d rather think things through very carefully. In addition, instead of pricing high and then wasting everyone’s time bringing prices down on products, we monitor the competition regularly and pitch any discounted pricing competitively from the start.


How do we prioritise?

  • We never place one potential customer ahead of another and that is regardless of bathroom size or value. However, if one customer says they are in no rush for a few months and another is keen to grab a postponement slot, then we need to keep wheels in motion and bring that one forward.


Why do we not employ more staff?

  • We already have an average amount of staff vs other similar retailers/companies and are confident from feedback that we maintain high standards of service which seems to exceed expectation and be ten-fold of any similar peers in the industry. While quotes are sometimes a little slow, it's our only process that is! and it’s only because we spend all hours rushing around, implementing client changes and trying to buffer our customers from the hassles they’d normally have to deal with themselves - while they are often at work. 

  • If we employed more staff, we’d become large and bureaucratic, less nimble and would have to take on more overheads and increased customer numbers to pay those higher costs. As a result, we couldn't provide the same level of individual service at a ‘non-service’ price level.


We hope to have your quote/spec to you very soon as you are very important to us.

Once you are keen to proceed, next stage actions can be processed very quickly.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime!