Retreat Bathrooms (Strattura Ltd) are retailers who set-out many years ago to make the process of getting a new bathroom easier, through better and more detailed information, communication, flexibility, product range and sharing the benefit of unbiased information and design know-how from our extensive experience and knowledge. 

Give us the scope and conditions to show you our best and we will endeavour to do what we can to make getting your new bathroom a much smoother process and with a design specification you really want.


Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully

These terms and conditions apply to all contracts made by Strattura Limited (trading as and referred to in these terms as Retreat Bathrooms) for the supply of goods and services. Upon payment to Retreat Bathrooms for goods or design services, this shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the customer’s acceptance of these Conditions. By accepting these Conditions the customer confirms that he/she has not relied on any other verbal or written representations by any representative of Retreat Bathrooms and that both the order/quotation and these Conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between the customer and Retreat Bathrooms.



1. Retreat Bathrooms’ quotation, and order confirmation constitute an invitation to treat and not an offer, which can be withdrawn or amended by Retreat Bathrooms at any time. A contract shall be formed upon payment to Retreat Bathrooms of an order confirmation (sometimes known as an order acknowledgement) from the Customer.


Goods supplied

2. All goods supplied shall remain the property of Retreat Bathrooms until the full contract price has been paid. Retreat Bathrooms have the right to enter the customer’s premises at reasonable notice to repossess Retreat Bathrooms’ goods where the full contract price has not been paid.


Payment terms

3. All goods must be paid for at time of order (unless otherwise agreed in writing with a Director of Retreat Bathrooms). Time of payment is of the essence. Ownership of the goods shall remain with Retreat Bathrooms until payment is received in full.



4. Delivery dates are approximate: but Retreat Bathrooms will endeavour to meet the customer’s requirements. Delivery dates mentioned in any quotation or order confirmation or elsewhere are approximate only and not of any contractual effect and Retreat Bathrooms shall not be under any liability to the customer in respect of any failure to deliver on any particular date or dates. 

5. Special Orders goods – Delivery times are quoted from the manufacturer and are not a guarantee as to when goods will arrive or installation should commence. We recommend that work does not commence until special order goods are delivered to the customer’s premises / site.

6. Each delivery, or part delivery represents a separate contract and failure or delay of any delivery shall not affect or prevent any other contract in respect of any other delivery or other part delivery.

7. As timing of delivery is not of the essence Retreat Bathrooms will not be liable for any delay or the consequences of any delay in delivery or performance of its obligations under the contract howsoever caused whether advised to Retreat


Damaged/Scratched goods

8. Supply of goods; A thorough inspection of all goods must be made on delivery (especially special order items). Retreat Bathrooms accepts no responsibility for damaged or scratched goods once the goods have been delivered to the delivery site. Products must be thoroughly checked by you prior to commencing installation.



Goods are to be checked by you the customer and any errors, missing items, damage or faults to be reported in writing to Retreat Bathrooms within 48 hours of delivery. Special deliver and checking terms or procedures may apply to acrylic baths and special order items or furniture.

9. Special order or bespoke made goods cannot be returned to Retreat Bathrooms unless they are proven to be faulty and accepted by the manufacturer.

10. Other goods may be returned to Retreat Bathrooms provided prior written consent has been given. If the goods are faulty they shall be replaced at no cost to the customer. If the goods are not faulty, the customer will be invoiced to cover the cost of transport, administration and restocking (being 25% of the recommended retail price). In all cases the goods must be in the undamaged original packaging and in a resaleable condition and returned to Retreat Bathrooms within 28 days from the date of the order confirmation.

11. Any claim in connection with non-delivery, incorrect delivery or damage must be notified in writing by recorded delivery to Retreat Bathrooms within two working days of the delivery date otherwise any alleged breach is deemed to have been waived by the customer.



12. Retreat Bathrooms do not represent or warrant that the measurements provided by the customer are correct and Retreat Bathrooms will not be held liable for any losses whatsoever caused as a result of incorrect measurements provided to Retreat Bathrooms by the customer or any other party.

13. Retreat Bathrooms cannot be held liable for any loss or inconvenience as a result either direct or indirect of the presentation of plans or other documents, the measurements either taken by Retreat Bathrooms or provided to us by manufacturers or any other party. 

14. Any plans, illustrations or any other documents or reference provided by Retreat Bathrooms that can be deemed to be design, plans or otherwise remain the property of Retreat Bathrooms and are only provided to share the calculations established by Retreat Bathrooms for our own use. Should you wish to use any part of such material provided by us, you do so upon the understanding that measurements can change due to factors beyond our control and therefore all measurements, plans, drawings, illustrations or written information should be checked and approved by you the customer.


Warranty and Liability

15. All descriptions and illustrations contained in brochures, price lists, advertisements issued or communicated by Retreat Bathrooms to the customer are for indicative purposes only and do not form any part of the contract. The customer has the benefit of the manufacturers and/ or suppliers warranty details of which can be found within the product installation instructions. Sales by Retreat Bathrooms are not sales by sample and where Retreat Bathrooms has provided a sample to the customer this shall not imply any warranty or obligation of conformity with the sample.


Coloured products are subject to colour variation

16. Retreat Bathrooms reserve the right to provide notice of a cancellation of a contract prior to delivery of goods and/or commencement of installation. In that event Retreat Bathrooms liability will be limited to repayment of any deposit paid.

17. Retreat Bathrooms shall not be liable in respect of any claim for any loss of profit, consequential loss or damage howsoever caused.



18. Any information passed to you or presented in any form of communication regarding products or manufacturers is done so in good faith and with every intention of being up-to-date accurate information, but Retreat Bathrooms will not be held liable for any loss arising from incorrect information of any form.

19. Where Retreat Bathrooms or any of it’s staff of contractors refers, provides contact information or communicates with any third-party, workman, fitters or any other company or their employees or contractors on your behalf or our behalf, any such information should be accepted or used at your discretion. This includes requests for the sourcing of any contractor's quotations that are presented within our communication or on documents from us. Such information is provided purely for information purposes and does not constitute any contract by us for any such services provided by third party companies or contractors.

20. Retreat Bathrooms are retailers and designers and do not employ, sub-contract or provide installation services of any kind or any tradesmen of any kind.

22. Retreat Bathrooms will not be held liable for any information passed to you in relation to any other company or the information they provide to us. Should you choose to engage or contract the services of any company or their employees or contractors, you do so understanding that we do not warrant any such information, it’s accuracy or validity in any capacity.

22. Should Retreat Bathrooms choose to communicate with or share information with any other company or third-party on your behalf or our behalf, we shall not be held liable for any loss whatsoever as a result. 

23. Any provision or term of these Conditions which is or may be void or unenforceable shall, to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, be deemed severable and shall not affect any of the remaining provisions or terms. 1 August 2016.