Pedestal basins

A return to this once popular format is evident through some of the stunning new designs from the continent.

Semi-pedestal basins

A wall-hung style alternative to the floor-standing pedestal.

Wall-hung basins

A purist style for those who want little more than the basin on the wall.

You'll probably want to have a chrome 'trap' (basin waste underneath) to finish it. What the pictures don't show though are the small hot and cold pipes you need to have underneath. 

Plus, only certain walls such as solid walls or those with frame can support the tension weight of this type of basin.

Basins on stands

Quite rare and good for those looking for a classic character style and a good feeling of space.

Semi-recessed basins

More often selected for fitted furniture units that are 200-350mm in depth. 

These basins protrude from the furniture or structure/shelf and keep the basin unit from sticking out too far which is also ideal for compact rooms.


Countertop / 'sit-on' basins

Increasingly popular and ever so stylish. These basins are all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. 

They can be mixed and matched to a furniture unit with worktop/countertop or a simple suspended worktop on it's own.

People also like the space around the basin to put soap dispensers and other items. They are more practical than they look.

Integrated basins

These are chosen by our customers for 80% of the bathrooms we create.

So many designs available now, that were not available even 7-10 years ago that are designed and fitted snug on top of a basin unit.

They occupy the whole area and often provide good 'deck' space along the back and/or sides for small items. 

Highly practical as well as stylish.

Undermount basins

Quite rare and usually associated with classic designs or those where hand-built furniture is made and topped with a bespoke work-top, perhaps of a stone material.

The under-mount basin has the holes specially cut-out by the stone-mason and is then fitted with special brackets and/or silicone.

Inset basins

Similar to undermount basins, except these sit within a hole, rather than under it.

Please speak to us about the main brands and designs available for any type of basin you wish for.