1.  Together we fine-tune the specification
2.  Let us get it organised
4.  Have it installed
5.  Enjoy!


or, in more detail...

What is most likely to be ready right now

  • You have a general design 'direction' but probably a few questions, changes you wish to make etc.

  • Your installers have a start date 'pencilled-in' for you and this gives us a focus


What we do next

You may be a customer looking for a no-fuss refresh, or someone with a head full of ideas you've seen in many magazines, you need someone to help you bring it all together! 

You are likely to have a budget you want to keep to, but you want to feel relaxed that you've seen the right options, haven't missed any great bargains or clever ideas and you may want to know:

  • How long things take?

  • When products need to be ordered?

  • Who communicates to the installers?

  • What paperwork is provided?

  • Who guarantees which parts?

  • When products will arrive?

  • When payments need to be made and to who?... etc.

We like to make things as simple as possible for our customers, so it would be great to simply:


However, we are used to providing lots of detailed design assistance, information and organisation to help make choosing features your only task. To make it simple we just need you to make the final decisions! 

Depending on what suits you best, we usually suggest a 2nd Meeting where we pop-back for an hour or two, sit round the table and it's then we can answer all your questions, show you examples and ideally get the overall design and style decided. From this, we then usually:

  1. Email back and forth more information

  2. Source certain products you haven't yet found or decided on

  3. Help you look for the right type of tile

  4. Where needed, we may produce plans and 3D illustrations

  5. Re-quote with the latest decisions made

After that, a few more emails, perhaps a fitter's visit and another re-quote or more, your design, spec and style will be set and ready or product orders to be raised and placed with the manufacturers.

As mentioned, we have some customers who are very decisive and others who find it hard to decide what they want. We're here to help and you'll see how patient we are!