• Final specification sheets - the landscape format ones you've already had, but the latest version

  • Confirmation letter - a new standard letter that re-caps key basic information

  • Order Acknowledgment/s - they confirm the products we are about to order for you

Order Acknowledgments are produced from the same data, from the same system as your quotes or specification sheets. It is from these that purchase orders are placed with the manufacturers/distributors. By using the specialist integrated EQ system, the same data can be carried-across to all documents and thus reduce errors.



To re-cap, we work in a common way within the industry:

  • Products - paid for at time of order. We then transfer payment to the manufacturers/distributors before prior to dispatch.

  • Installation - Allied Installers and the group companies within operate on a stage payment basis, paid in installments (following a deposit (don't worry if this has not been paid, it is therefore not applicable in your case)) - 25%, 50% in the middle and 25% on the last main day. Please see their final paperwork for full details.

If you haven't already received one, you may receive one of our new style payment and budget tracker summary's. We thought our customers would find it helpful to see all key items on their spec with a total, the itemisation of the installers' schedule and any payments made and/or due. We're sure you'll find this useful.


On installation day 1

  • The first day is often a shorter day because they then have to go and purchase the materials they need.

  • I may personally come over too and will pass-on any updates to your brief.

  • We can also discuss any last minute details.

  • Priority deliveries arrive

  • Installers may check things like where you want the rubbish placed before removal, when not to let your dogs in the garden, and where you keep the tea and coffee! Those sorts of things (if relevant!).

When using the services of an Allied Installer

If you have chosen to have your bathroom installed by one of the allied installation teams, while they are technically a separate company, we will assist you to make things as seamless as possible and we will act as your 'representative', sharing the information, your design and any other key particulars on your behalf.

Please remember that items such as grout colours, silicone, the exact height of wall-hung items and intricate tiling details such as how the edges of outward corners are managed - edger strips?, overlap? etc. These items need to be discussed with your installer because there are certain minor details which are best not planned in advance as they need to be thought of and agreed during installation, just before they need to complete that part/component of their work.

  • Booking letter - they too have a letter that confirms some basic but key details and also answers many questions customers often ask them such as "will there be a skip?", "what if I don't know where my stop-cock is?"

  • Final installation quote sheet - similar to an Order Acknowledgement, it simply transfers your quote already seen on your latest spec' sheet and puts it onto their own sheet to keep the 'paper-trail' all in order.