Gratefully received this week.

Gratefully received this week.


It's what matters most...


Not us being appreciated!...  the important thing is making all of our customers very happy.

Something that's remained our policy since we established ourselves all those years ago; to grow our business through recommendation instead of advertising.

To do this, we've simply applied our time and energy on what benefits our customers - our 'product', our service and giving them everything they could get from any other bathroom company, but a whole lot more for the same or most often for far less a price.

As you'll see from our website; we're not usually into sales speak or blowing our own trumpet, because everyone else can do that.

But showing the genuine finished bathrooms we design and specify in our photos and the feedback we receive after every bathroom, we believe this transparency gives confidence and reassurance to our future customers that they and their new bathrooms are in good hands.

Many who have come back to us numerous times. So much so that we've seen their children grow from bumps to teenagers!

We only show our own photos which also shows the close-up quality of installers, should you wish to use them. We only want to show what our customers say about us and every one of these can be verified by you calling them to talk about us, ask questions about us and how we perform.

It's what matters most.